My Skincare Team

i take skincare very seriously.  in fact, even before i got interested with make up, i already have a skincare routine.  it’s something i got from my parents (yes, my tatay is a big pond’s and olay user) who never went to bed with their faces unmoisturized.  let me introduce to you my current (in the past year or so) skincare team:


if i am wearing eye make up (eyeshadow + liner + mascara), i take it off first with maybelline’s eye and lip make up remover.  this is one is like l’oreal’s eye and make up remover, which i also used before, only cheaper as it comes in two sizes (the P99 smaller bottle and P199 bottle, seen on the picture).

then i follow it up with pond’s cold cream (around P80) (straight from my parent’s dresser. lol) for initial cleansing.  i like it because i get to massage my face while thoroughly removing all traces of make up.  another option would be cetaphil.  i wipe off the cream using facial wipes.

Washing, Toning, Moisturizing

i use this trio on regular days (read: days when my skin is perfect, no zits, no reactions, nada).

wash: pond’s pure white deep cleansing facial foam with activated carbon (P150 something for a 100g tube).  before i switched to this awesome facial wash, i am a neutrogena deep clean facial foam user.  i still have several tubes of neutrogena in my drawer for days when my skin is acting up.  i told you, i do keep back ups.  lol.  i like this product from pond’s as it doesn’t dry my skin after washing.  the first time i used this, my face really felt clean and smooth, no exagg.

tone:  i love this human heart nature tomato and lemongrass toner (php99.75)!  it’s organic and doesn’t sting.  prior to this product, i am a fan of neutrogena’s alcohol-free toner.  heck, i’ve even used eskinol way back in high school!  lol.  i’ve learned that alcohol hastens aging that’s why i’ve used an alcohol-free toner ever since. i skip this step during daytime though.

moisturize:  when myra launched their skincare products, i never hesitated to get myself a tube of their moisturizer!  their moisturizers do their job well without being greasy and oily.  when their whitening moisturizer came out (vitawhite, Php80), i tried it immediately and liked it.  now i use it day and night because of its spf 15.  but when i know that i’d be out in the sun, i use my neutrogena sunblock spf50.

however, there are days when my face is plagued with pimples and rashes.  during these times, i turn to my ever reliable clinique 3-step skin care system.  a few days of following the very basic cleanse, tone and moisturize routine using these specific products, my skin is soft, smooth and glowing again, i swear!



Weekly Ritual

aside from my daily cleanse, tone, moisturize habit, i also have my weekly routine.


i do either of the following:

1.  wash using my neutrogena wave.  i only do this once in two weeks.  i tried using it every other day for a week and small bumps mushroomed on my forehead.  i discovered that it’s more effective if i just whip it out once in 2 or 3 weeks for deep cleansing.

2.  facial mask, baby.  on weeks that i don’t neutrogena wave, i use facial masks from purederm or montagne jeunesse.  both brands can be found in watson’s.  i particularly like the chocolate mask from montagne (seen on picture, php80) and the ultra hydrating shea butter mask from purederm (php70). i am not exaggerating when i say that after washing off the mask, my skin really feels cleaner and looks brighter.

3.  pore strips.  i only started using purederm’s pore strips last month, before leaving for the US.  my nose is really a problem area as whiteheads and blackheads populate it.  of all the nose strips i have tried, purederm’s is really the most effective.  i just used their chin and forehead strip last night and unfortunately, i wasn’t too impressed.  but i’ll give it a second chance and try again maybe next week.

my current beauty ritual is so amazingly good (buyag!) that i haven’t gotten a facial in almost 6 months.  and no, i don’t regularly visit a dermatologist.  if this keeps up, i may only get a facial once a year, which is a huge way of saving money.  even when belt-tightening, i haven’t given up my manicure, pedicure and facial as those are my only sanity-savers.  plus, my job requires me to look presentable (not an excuse, promise! lol).  i only wish though that we have a salon or spa allowance.  lol.

i generally have okay skin but still, it doesn’t hurt to take care of it.  i never sleep with my make up on. if i can’t tone and moisturize, just to wash it thoroughly is enough.

how about you, what’s your skincare routine?