Lip Wonders

i would like to share with you five of my most favorite lipsticks.  i am sure there are more wonderful stuff out there but knowing how limited my options are (hello, Bobbi Brown, maybe you can come to Cebu soon? and hello, wallet, i’m sorry to leave you lonely again), these are my go-tos (read: most used), out of my 40-something or so tubes of lipstick and lipgloss.

my most expensive lipstick to date is my Chanel Rouge Allure in Prodigious (don’t you just love the name?) and i will feature it soon in a different post.  my middle-class-corporate-slave wallet wailed when i bought it a few months back (thank you, raket gods) while my kikay kit just cried out hallelujah.  lol.

i prefer my lipsticks to be on the pinkish-brown shade and although they say corals and apricots look good on morena skintone, i haven’t really gotten around to using these colors although i used to have two or three coral lipsticks.

in the meantime, here are swatches of my essential lippie shades.  all of them are lightweight and non-drying considering that i have dry and sometimes chapped lips.

top photo no flash, bottom photo with flash.  all colors swiped twice. 

L-R: Mary Kay Bronzed, MAC Amplified Cosmo,  MAC Diva, L’Oreal Eva’s Caramel , Majolica Majorca Lip Gloss BE 706

Mary Kay Bronzed is a lovely chocolate brown shade that i use when i wear light, beige-y eyeshadow colors.  this is my ultimate brown lipstick as it can stand on its own if i’m too lazy to put so much gunk on my face.  it appears dark on the pictures since i’ve swiped it twice but i only swipe it once when i wear it.

MAC Amplified in Cosmo is my perfect MLBB shade (my lips but better).  my father got it for me in Duty Free (when i need him to buy stuff for me, i put in the complete specs) and i will surely get another tube when this runs out.  what i really love about MAC lipsticks aside from their lasting power is the scent.  it smells vanilla-ish.  Cosmo is a pinkish-nude shade when applied on my lips.

MAC Matte in Diva was a discovery made through D, Ate Ai’s sister.  she was wearing it on one of the pictures Ate Ai posted on her blog.  it looked berry-ish on her but in person, it’s burgundy-ish.  i wear this lipstick on days when i look tired and washed out. a swipe of this instantly gives my face that va-va-voom factor, no exagg.  and when i swipe my Maybelline lipgloss on top it, it turns into this pretty berry shade that i was originally going for.

L’Oreal Eva’s Caramel is not really a caramel-shade lipstick, but more like caramelized sugar-looking.  it’s, hmm, how do i describe it, dark bronze?  i think this is an SE (special edition) as i haven’t seen this in any of the local L’Oreal counters here.  i got this in the US during my trip last year.  it’s very sheer, even if the tube looks very dark and daunting.  i usually swipe it twice to get a decent, noticeable color.  it has shimmers and i think that was one reason i bought it as i know i can pair it with muted, matte eyeshadows.

Majolica Majorca Lipgloss BE706 is a pink-brown gloss that i use on top of Cosmo or Bronzed.  i hardly wear lipgloss (another favorite is Victoria’s Secret gloss in Berry or something that Mimi gave me) but i like the ones that has slight color so i can use them on their own.  i love this Majo gloss because it tones down darker shades and amplifies lighter ones.

how about you, what are your favorite lipstick brands and shades? :)