Bench Pretty When Pinched Lip and Cheek Tint

for my first beauty post this year (naks, forgive me for sounding like i know what i am really doing. LOL), i will write about the one product that i have been using for what, almost 12 years now.  yes, i am quite faithful to it, despite trying out other brands.  LOL.

i first started using bench’s pretty when pinched lip and cheek tint (it has a different name before, i just forgot)  in fourth year high school simply because i so coveted that ” blush” mestizas naturally have.  since i am morena, a blush isn’t usually obvious.  but this creamy lip and cheek tint that i exclusively use for my cheeks have given me that igat “glow” i have loved ever since.

this is the new packaging.  when it first came out, it was just in a simple tube.

i use this everyday for a subtle flush. i put this on top of my tinted moisturizer and finish with a pressed powder.  sometimes, i apply it under my NARS orgasm blush for a a prettier effect.

to apply: smile and spread it gently on the apples of your cheeks.


– inexpensive.  the introductory price was i think at P70-P80.  it’s now at P128.  the packaging has also improved.  and it lasts for 2-3 months so it’s not bad, right?

– nice color turn out.  it used to only have 1 shade but now there’s 2. shade 01 is a pinkish berry shade while shade 02 is a darker, more purplish tone.  or is it the other way around?  LOL.  i tried both and they look the same on my skin.  but i think for fair complexion, the shade difference would be more obvious.

– handy and can fit even in small purses or kikay kits

– staying power is awesome.  i only use it once in the morning and i don’t do touch ups anymore, even if i apply powder twice or thrice.   except when i have to go on a night out and i need my blush to be more prominent.


– since it’s in cream form, it’s a bit harder to spread around for first time users.  it also dries fast so you have to be quick in applying it.  it takes a bit of practice but in time, you’ll get the hang of it.

– if not applied properly, can make you look like a clown.  so start with a small amount first then just add more.

aside from those two cons, which can be overlooked once you’re used to the product, Bench’s Lip and Cheek Tint is just awesome.  i am a user for 12 years, surely that must count for something.  LOL.  sure, i also use the body shop’s award winning lip and cheek stain, body shop blush in 05 and NARS orgasm but my everyday staple would be bench’s.

bench has another lip and cheek stain product now.  it comes in a small bottle with a brush applicator similar to a nail polish brush.  i tried it as well but i find the packaging messy and bulky.

here’s to more beauty and products posts for 2011! :)

pictures below of me using bench’s lip and cheek tint: