I Wear My Baby

we didn’t buy a lot of stuff while waiting for ico.  we just had a couple of feeding bottles as i planned to breastfeed him as long as i can, an electric breast pump for when the twins get heavy, some layettes, receiving blankets, boots, mittens, some fleece blankets and a small cabinet for his things.  having two older children made me realize that babies don’t need a lot of stuff as they grow really fast.  we don’t have a crib, nor stroller.  one item i really wanted to buy though was a baby wrap. B, a mom-friend whom i’ve met in my previous company, recommended a boba wrap.  i was sold with it already and had asked P to get it for me when he went abroad.  however, he forgot about it and having heard so many stressful stories about shipping items from the US, i decided to just try looking for a local baby wrap brand.

a baby wrap was a must for me as i really intended to work as soon as i could and a wrap would be the perfect accessory for me to have my baby close to me even while typing furiously on my laptop.  also, as we have always found a stroller too bulky (and expensive, too!), it’s a great way for me to lug baby around.  yes, ico and i are going places.  LOL.  plus, eating out with a baby in tow spells indigestion as the mom would always hurry to eat so the yaya can also eat, or starvation as you cannot eat really well with a fussy baby on your lap, can you?  again, we don’t like strollers.  LOL.  there are, of course, a lot of scientifically proven benefits to baby wearing, as the internets would tell you should you have the time to google it, and i agree with everything there.  but most of all, i love how baby wearing strengthens the bond between mother and baby.

Dea, who also gave birth to a baby girl april this year, bought a Sa-Ya.  so i went ahead and checked out Mama Baby Love and ordered my own Sa-Ya.  i went for the Semi-Stretch Knit (SSK) in Denim as it was the only one available for my size (Small).  Transaction was a breeze.  Jenny Ong, a staunch advocate of breastfeeding and the awesome mom behind Chronicles of A Nursing Mom, owns the online store and after a few email exchanges, i received my own Sa-Ya.



read the instruction guide upon receiving the Sa-Ya then practiced immediately with my sister

one thing i did after placing my order is to check out blog and video tutorials about the Sa-Ya as majority of the blog reviews i read warned that using it initially can be a bit difficult.  i even had a marathon facebook chat with Dea to ask her about positions and all.  the most informative blogs about the Sa-Ya are the ones below:




when i finally laid my hands on my own baby wrap, i immediately asked my sister to help me try it on.  lo and behold, it was actually quite manageable.  getting ico in it was a bit of a task simply because he’s huge.  i would say you need an extra pair of hands on your first few uses.  otherwise, it gets easier as you’ll learn to maneuver your way around the wrap.  i must say the videos by Sa-Ya’s creator Buding Aquino-Dee were the most helpful.  also,  the baby wrap comes with its very own brochure with all of the instructions you will need to use it, including how-to’s for the various ways you can wear your baby.



wore my Sa-Ya and the baby a day after getting it.  see, no hands ma!  pardon the picture’s background as we were in my tita’s laboratory-office.  LOL. 

i used it the next day as we were off to the city for ico’s check up.  i loooove how i can still use my two hands while he’s snuggled close to me.  i ate and walked with ease!  it was funny looking at people’s reactions though when they see a little head popping out of the fabric.  LOL. as ico still cannot hold his head up, i wear him wearing the yakap position (tummy-to-tummy, heart-to-heart :)) but make him lean his head on my shoulder.  the cradle carry would’ve been good although as you may read in Jenny’s blog, it’s discouraged, because of the risks of hip dysplasia.

a few things about the Sa-Ya and baby wearing:

  • the SSK, as the name implies, is stretch-y.  that’s what i like about it.  when you first use it, don’t be afraid to stretch it — stretch it to make your baby comfortable, stretch it to position him safely and conveniently, stretch it so YOU feel comfortable. 
  • the material, although not thick, is warm.  it’s wonderful when it’s cold and your baby needs the extra warmth, otherwise, your baby might find it too stifling. i would say, if you’ll wear your baby, a pair of cotton shirt (or sando, even!) and shorts would be perfect so he won’t sweat so much.
  • Mama Baby Love has a size guide to help moms choose the perfect Sa-Ya for them.  if you’re not sure, you can always ask.  the sizing guide for me though is fool-proof, although i had a bit of a challenge because while i’m only 5′, i am not exactly that skinny so i was bouncing between S and M. good thing i chose S because as i’ve mentioned, the fabric stretches.  it’s very important to find your correct sizing as the baby wrap adheres to the wearer’s size, not the baby’s.  if you’re planning to share the baby wrap with say, your husband and you’re confused what size to get, please inquire.
  • please ensure that your baby is comfortable while inside the wrap — no pinched body part, etc. as ico’s legs is in the frog position when i wear him, i take him out when i have the chance just so his legs can stretch and relax.  for newborns, please check that your babies can properly breathe.  safety comes first and foremost.



 it may not be obvious but i am wearing ico in the yakap position

i am truly happy with my Sa-Ya.  i don’t use it much when i am home, except maybe if i don’t have a yaya and the baby doesn’t want to be put down.  i love how it made bringing the baby around so much more convenient.  yes, i still do sometimes use my hands to adjust the baby while wearing him, but it really takes off the unnecessary strain of having to constantly carry him with my own two arms, especially now that he’s heavy!



i can work or eat comfortably while ico is off to dreamland 

do you also wear your babies?  do share more baby wearing tips, especially those who have been doing it for a long time :)



33 Weeks, and Counting and Some Random Updates

i think this is my least documented pregnancy.

when i had raf, multiply was such a novelty then that i looked forward to writing blog entries and having friends comment and revel in the wonders of pregnancy with me.  then andi came, and i made a completely different blog just for her. i hope the little one wouldn’t mind that he’s not as exposed as his older siblings. i don’t have an excuse except that i am just too busy — what with work, taking care of two kids without a nanny and just plain, unadulterated laziness. i tell you, living your day-to-day life battling heartburn, extreme heat and a bulging tummy is a full-time job in itself.

my workload is threatening to take over my life, except that my boss is an angel sent from heaven who makes beating deadlines sound like the best thing one can do in her lifetime. i am grateful to have found this job. aside from a really awesome boss and the flexible schedule, i get to do what i love most — writing and interacting with people, albeit virtually. i also had the chance to do something new, which is website copywriting, through my boss’ friend and client. that short gig challenged me and my skills set to a whole new level, since i had to write for two hardware sites. what do i honestly know about hardwares anyway except that they’re the men’s playground?

now i am on my 33rd week and counting the days. i know when the baby comes it’ll be a completely new disaster challenge and just thinking of my recovery period and CS wound is enough to break me out in hives.  i just think that since this will be my last pregnancy, i should enjoy the remaining weeks.  nothing is more spectacular really than having a baby inside you, squirming, doing somersaults and just enjoying the warmth only a mother’s womb can provide.


the 32-week bump

i haven’t bought anything for the baby yet but the beauty of having gone through this before is that i know that i don’t have to buy much for the first few months. and since i knew exactly when i would have the baby, that takes off the edge of getting everything ready. LOL.

i don’t have beauty reviews coming up because i hardly wear makeup these days. it’s just cleanse-tone-moisturize for me.  although there are several products that i would love to get my hands on like the clinique moisture surge cc cream that liz of project vanity shared through her instagram. and oh, i just remembered that i am also waiting for my the balm nude tude palette that i ordered from stylefabuleux over at instagram as well.  i think i’ll also share with you my thoughts about this awesome palmer’s oil that made my itchies go away.  i will try to find the time for that blog entry, i promise.

i’ve checked my site stats and i am happy that despite my lack of posts, people are still visiting me. awww. thank you, everyone.  i hope i can drop in more posts before i give birth.

you all have a gorgeous wednesday counting down till the weekend 😀


This Is What I’m Talking About

my day usually starts at 12 or 1PM, when i wake up.  earlier when i have a lunch appointment or meeting.  then i eat lunch with andi, and prepare to bring her to school and drive to the city to pick up raf.  raf and i usually have snacks on some days as he’s hungry after classes, then i try to do some errands while we’re there.  i either pay the bills, do the grocery if the husband cannot do it, see my doctor, etc etc.

raf and i are usually home by 5PM, at most.  i allow him to play outside until 6PM, if he has no major assignments.  i am quite lenient.  if he has homework, he has to be clean and fresh by 630 so when we go through his tasks, he is not itchy and smelly.  dinner comes after that then sleep.

i officially work at 9PM until 5AM.  sometimes i fall asleep in between but i wake up at 5 to prepare raf for school.  i go back to sleep when he leaves the house.

this has been our routine since i quit my corporate job and only accepted home based jobs.  it certainly echoes the blog post i have written several months back when i have started contemplating about staying at home and working online.  oh, i do get bored at times, especially when i was still on bed rest.  our appleTV then had been very useful as i only watched movies the whole day.  LOL.  now that i can drive and be on my own, i meet girlfriends for lunch or go window shopping.   i also have more time to attend events and get to know a lot of people who share the same interests as i do (hello, beauty bloggers!).

well, i miss receiving bi-monthly paychecks, that’s for sure. LOL. but thank God for clients who pay on time and in advance, i can still afford some of life’s little luxuries, like satisfying my pizza craving.  although P forks over some cash when i need it, i certainly don’t want to just solely rely on him, thus the three jobs i am currently juggling with.  while it seems like i am still slaving away, the difference is, i work at my own pace and i command my own working hours as my bosses don’t mind as long as i get all the tasks done.  so if say, i get sleepy in the middle of my work “day,” i can take a nap and just catch up.  i only start working when the children are asleep or at play and i have all the time i need to oversee their school work, bring them to and from school and supervise the yaya.  

i never expected to enjoy this stay-at-home experience.  i’ve always been a go-getter, a restless career person who asks for more work when i feel like i am stuck with a routine.  now i have realized that i can still be a go-getter even if i don’t go to an office everyday.  i don’t have to sacrifice my dreams and ambitions just because i don’t work for a company anymore.  especially if my dreams and ambitions are not even aligned with my corporate tasks and responsibilities. the past months have truly humbled me, and i have cherished the time i have spent with my family, most especially my children.

i don’t know what the future holds, especially after i give birth.  i can’t really say i won’t go back to the corporate world anymore because what if there’s an opportunity that presents itself and it’s a possibility that i haven’t really thought of before?  i am not really closing my doors.  one thing’s for sure.  i would always put my children’s needs and safety before anything else.





This is my last post for the year, posted on the last day of 2012.

I have been slacking off since I got pregnant because well, uhm, I just got too lazy. I only get up to eat and go to the bathroom. Every year I promise to blog more and every year it seems, I fail. Lol. So next year, I won’t promise to write more lest I disappoint myself again. Especially with a new baby on the way, I might not have all the time in the world to word vomit into this blog.

2012 has been quite difficult. It has actually been a struggle. But I decided not to dwell on the bad things, and instead focus on the good. I am thankful that this blog has been noticed by my favorite brands and I got to meet some of the loveliest ladies in the beauty world. I may have said goodbye to my five-year job but I am now a resident writer of one of Cebu’s awesome PR companies, and job offers for several rakets have been cropping up every now and then in my inbox. Some friendships also ended this year and while it made me very sad, it made me realize that others are indeed only meant to stay in your life for a time.

As we welcome the new year, I wish all my readers a rockin 2013. Thank you for always reading whatsupkaith, even if I hardly blog these days. Lol. All comments may not be published but I always believe that the best conversations happen in private 😉

Happy 2013 everyone!

Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura in Cebu!

everyone!  may i have your attention, please!  if, like me, your eyes flashed green with good envy reading all the karl lagerfeld x shu uemura posts from people in manila, this post is for you.  i am so excited to share with you that shu uemura will be here in cebu today and tomorrow (november 14-15) to showcase their karl lagerfeld x shu uemura collaboration!

a shu uemura stall will be set up in ginza, banilad where you can buy karl lagerfeld x shu uemura products plus the rest of shu uemura’s wonderful, wonderful makeup.  there will also be beauty workshops on both days at 1:30PM and 4:30PM.

here’s exactly what i am talking about:


Karl Lagerfeld Collection for shu uemura available in Cebu on November 14 & 15 only

shu uemura’s quest for innovation and beauty finds its ultimate expression in fusing the creative spirit with the sophisticated vision of artists. Celebrating artist collaborations since 2004, shu uemura continues to substantiate the bond between art and beauty by working with some of today’s most important creators. For the Holiday 2012 collection, shu uemura announces an exceptional collaboration with the legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. This much-awaited and extremely limited collection will be coming to Cebu and made available to the public on November 14 and 15 from 1-6pm at Ginza Japanese restaurant, J.Panis Street (Old Banilad Road).

Karl Lagerfeld’s illustrious career as a master of fashion design has presented a worldview so unique he has become one of the most influential creators of his time. The 2012 holiday collection is an exquisite collection with a surprisingly unique edge. Inspired by shu uemura products, Japanese traditional culture and contemporary art, Karl Lagerfeld created the “Mon Shu Girl”. Merging the worlds of shu uemura and Karl Lagerfeld, “Mon Shu girl” is an adorable new icon outfitted in the designer’s symbolic white shirt and black tie. Sketched by Karl Lagerfeld’s own hand using shu uemura products, “Mon shu uemura” means “my darling shu uemura‟.

The entire collection is a touching homage to shu uemura with the color selection and package design entirely directed by Karl Lagerfeld who also photographed the visual campaign. The delightful “Mon Shu girl” collection is a celebration of Japanese pop and European chic. Add color to your eyes and face with two eye and cheek palettes, with shades ranging from glitter black, deep khaki, purple, soft brown, and brick gold. Color your lips with four shades of rouge unlimited lipstick, from iconic red to cute coquettish pale tones. With three hues of nail color, Karl dares you to tint your nails with iconic colors and velvety smooth and shimmery textures, or go a step further and play with specially designed nail stickers. The collection’s painting liner in a sophisticated blackish satin purple shade enhances eye definition and adds a dash of sultriness to the holidays. Of course, the shu essentials such as AO advanced cleansing oil, UV underbase mousse, eyelash curler, false eye lashes, mini brush set and make up box will be available in the adorable “Mon shu” packaging.

An optimistic ode to beauty and fashion, this collection embodies contemporary cuteness born from Karl Lagerfeld’s personal brand of European finesse and shu uemura’s Tokyo flair-a festive; a fun gift to you for the 2012 holidays.

Regular shu uemura products will also be available at 10% off so now is the perfect time to stock up on your shu essentials. For inquiries, please contact info@bigseed.com.ph  or Richelle at 0917 327 4961

shu uemura is founded and named after legendary Japanese make-up artist and beauty pioneer Mr. Shu Uemura and is inspired by an aesthetic and professional spirit of the artisan. The shu uemura brand was developed on the founder’s holistic philosophy that beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin. With his artful hands and revolutionary vision, Mr. Shu Uemura transformed the image of women through make-up, passionately elevating beauty into a true work of art.

here are the karl lagerfeld x shu uemura products.  drool, if you must, i would totally understand =D


Planner Planning

so starbucks already launched their 2013 planners.  the race to finish what, 17 drinks, is now on.  however, i am not sure if i am willing to spend that much on coffee nor a planner.  oh sure, i love peppermint mocha and toffee nut latte but just calculating how much everything would cost makes my sad little wallet palpitate.

truth be told, my starbucks 2012 planner is only halfway filled with scheduled meetings and event launches, nonsense doodles, tweets and statuses that never made it online and birthday reminders.  there are months when i haven’t written anything!  BUT!  that’s still an improvement because my 2011 planner is almost never used.  shame, shame, shame.  so now you know why i am hesitant to overdrink myself with coffee just to get one of these coveted planners.


photo credit:  lionhearttv.net

i still would like to get a planner for next year because…because!  i may be a little bit OC but i want to be more…organized.  believe me, i can be scatterbrained sometimes thus having planners (i also have my cbtl planner from A for my personal…musings) this year helped a lot in keeping track of my activities.

i am thinking of getting either the following cutesy and super helpful planners for next year:


the belle de jour planner

the navi planner

the “everything is possible” planner

all three are from the belle de jour family.  click on the links to know more about them.

which one you think i should get?  and which one would you want for yourself? :)