Dark Purple and Teal is Love!

how do you like our new look? I hope you all love it because i am super in love with the dark purple and teal hues of What’s Up, Kaith!

the awesome Patricia of Fancy Girl Designs created this theme for me. i swear she makes the prettiest themes in the whole wide world!  please visit her site after you’re done checking out the shelves here to see all the other beautiful sites she has designed. she also did my previous girly theme. she always captures what I want, even if i do a really horrible job of describing the nitty-gritty details. i guess it also helps that we’re good friends so she knows what i am like in real life. LOL.

this time, i told her that i want something fab, classy and elegant. something Stepford Wife-ish because! hahaha. and she came up with this! after re-watching the movie of course! just how lovely everything looks around here?

so yes, the blog hiatus is over! welcome to the new and shiny What’s Up, Kaith.com! *hands out the champagne*

Raf’s 4th of 30

i have missed two years of writing my birthday notes to raf. i started this in 2008 when i thought that it would be nice to write letters to raf and have him read them when he’s old enough to understand what i am trying to tell him again and again. 

Happy 9th Birthday, Kuya!


ah, was it only the other day when you were asking me how long it would be until you’re 9 or 10 or 11? you were, i think, four years old then. well, you’re 9 years old now! sigh. a few more years and we would have a teenager. i am happy though that you still take the time to cuddle to mommy and kiss me, and you are never embarrassed to hold hands with me when we are out.

mommy is very proud that you’re growing up to be a fine young man. i was actually surprised to know that you’re popular at school, knowing how you didn’t like it there at first. i am happy that you have found new friends and have fit in well. i would be honest and say that i was a little bit anxious that you’d bully classmates simply because…well, you know how you can be =P so mommy’s heart swelled with pride when one mother told me that her daughter said that your classmates would miss you because you always make them laugh.

i can see how you are smitten with ico, how taken you are with him, that you don’t mind him drooling all over your hands. LOL. thank you for being such a good older brother and watching over him while his yaya has to attend to something.  i can just imagine how much fun you would have when he can walk and run and jump. it’s going to be a riot. i know you love andi, as well, do not deny it. i can hear your frustration whenever she would do her daredevil stunts and you want her to climb down from whatever high place she has clambered upon. yes, she’s a handful, but you’re her kuya and i will never tire of telling you that it’s your duty to protect her.

well, we’re going back to cebu again. i guess you’re excited as you’ll see old friends and you’d be attending your favourite school. maybe you’ll rekindle old friendships and form new ones as you advance to the third grade. sigh. just the thought of you being a third grader is making mommy all mushy and sentimental.


Say Hello to Ico!

blog hiatus is officially over!  yay!

for those who have been religiously visiting my blog (you know who you are!), thank you so much.  here’s the update that you’ve all been waiting for.  although if you’re following me on twitter and instagram, most of the stuff i’ll share here are not so new to you anymore.

yes, i finally gave birth last june 5, which is a day earlier than my scheduled delivery date.  i initially chose june 6 as my third baby’s birthday so we checked into the hospital a day before.  however, my little boy showed his decision-making skills early and decided to say hello to mommy right there and then. so, at 9:36PM of june 5, my rico alexander was literally dragged out of my tummy.



ico fresh out of mommy’s tummy 

rico only weighed 6.2 lbs when i gave birth to him but two months after, you wouldn’t believe he was this teeny weeny baby.  he was delivered to my room a few hours after my surgery so he really had my colostrum.  i exclusively breastfed him for two weeks, post-operation pains and all, and i have zero regrets.  he now drinks formula every morning, while i sleep, otherwise, he latches on to me.

our first picture together

you would think three cesarian sections later i would be a pro at managing pain but i still cried during the first few days when my nipples were too sore and my ligation spasms were a bit too much to handle.  i only sleep an average of three hours a day and this is actually better than the one to two hour shuteye i got when rico was still a few weeks old and wailed for milk every hour.

now i feed him every two hours during daytime and if i am lucky, every three hours, during evenings.  i am actually back to work since july but ico made finishing some of my assigned tasks on time challenging because he doesn’t want to be put down at night.  he wants to sleep on my chest most of the time and i cannot work on my laptop while balancing a baby, despite best efforts.  LOL.  now that he’s a bit bigger, i place him on my lap during times when i need to rush something.  i guess he doesn’t mind, as long as he can feel mommy beside him.

now at two months, he coos and tries very hard to make conversation.  i guess his sight is a bit clearer now, although hazy, but he certainly knows when it’s mommy who’s holding him because his nose says so! what can i do, eau de milk!  LOL.



two-month old ico who weighs around 9 lbs now

i am hoping that i can set a more stable work schedule now, although my boss allows me to work anytime i want to.  that’s the beauty of working from home, and having a really awesome boss.  but i really want to have a definite time when i will be glued to my laptop, preferably in the afternoons when the nanny looks after him.  i’ve also accepted some makeup gigs so i can add more to my portfolio.  some makeup products are due for review soon.  first up would be the the balm nude tude palette which i was supposed to post before i gave birth! so sorry for those who have been waiting for it.

glad to start the week with a new blog post. crossing my fingers i can post regularly again, as usual.  LOL. here’s to a fun and productive, albeit rainy, week :)


My Intimate Baby Shower

when one of my closest friends, K, learned that i am pregnant, she immediately told me she’d host a baby shower for me. yes, i have the sweetest and most thoughtful friends. we decided it would be a small one, just a couple of our closest friends, and i gave her the names of my other ilonggo friends so she can contact and invite them herself.

a week before the baby shower, we opted out of the usual dinner-at-a-restaurant event since we wanted it to be more personal. then we thought of A, who has a really nice and quaint cupcake shop, the cupcake theory, and asked if she’d be willing to have us on that day. btw, you all should visit the cupcake theory if you haven’t yet. i loooove their red velvet cupcake and A’s new warm brownie cup is worth a try. thankfully, A said “yes” so we all trooped to the sweet-smelling venue one sunday to celebrate my baby bump.

we had pizza, K’s special spaghetti and R’s bulgogi chicken and ordered cupcakes to our hearts’ desires. nothing beats home-made dishes, especially when they’re specially cooked for you. we have very little pictures of the get-together as we had too much fun eating and talking. thank you again, K and R, for all the love.

the whole gang. thank you, everyone for coming and celebrating with us!

a pair of cutesy nikes from Tito C, Tita K and Tita R

feeding bottles from Tita J, so mommy and daddy doesn’t have to buy a lot

i feel so blessed to know that my family and i have sincere people who truly look out and support us


This is my last post for the year, posted on the last day of 2012.

I have been slacking off since I got pregnant because well, uhm, I just got too lazy. I only get up to eat and go to the bathroom. Every year I promise to blog more and every year it seems, I fail. Lol. So next year, I won’t promise to write more lest I disappoint myself again. Especially with a new baby on the way, I might not have all the time in the world to word vomit into this blog.

2012 has been quite difficult. It has actually been a struggle. But I decided not to dwell on the bad things, and instead focus on the good. I am thankful that this blog has been noticed by my favorite brands and I got to meet some of the loveliest ladies in the beauty world. I may have said goodbye to my five-year job but I am now a resident writer of one of Cebu’s awesome PR companies, and job offers for several rakets have been cropping up every now and then in my inbox. Some friendships also ended this year and while it made me very sad, it made me realize that others are indeed only meant to stay in your life for a time.

As we welcome the new year, I wish all my readers a rockin 2013. Thank you for always reading whatsupkaith, even if I hardly blog these days. Lol. All comments may not be published but I always believe that the best conversations happen in private ;)

Happy 2013 everyone!

Three Zero

i turned 30 last monday.  it isn’t so bad, being 30.  not when you look 25.  hahaha.  i know, i take all these you-look-so-much-younger-than-your-age comments seriously. i’ll probably gush a lot more when i turn 31 next year.

there was no celebration, just lunch with my fellow EAs from work and a small dinner with my sister and her boyf and raf.  my other sister is coming over this weekend so we might just get together with my tropang sober family for some good, old-fashioned videoke, which we haven’t done as a group since forever.  yes, we love our videoke sessions.

there’s nothing to wax poetic about being a year older.  re-phrase.  i am too busy to wax poetic about being thirty.  i have more pressing issues (read: yaya woes, marital unrest, etc) to attend to than thinking about where my life is going these days.  i am trying to live it one day at at time, and the only thing that’s running in my head right now is whether i should act on this beautiful thought of being at raf’s and andi’s beck and call all the time (read previous post).

anyway, july 2, 2012 had been a wonderful day.  it rained in the morning so i equated it to lots of blessings.  hahaha. thank you to everyone who took the time to make me feel loved and special through your greetings, gifts, surprises, hugs and kisses.  ♥

super yummy chocolate cake from my marco polo family

cuteness overload! hello kitty cake from K and R