How Do You Make Your Heart Whole Again?

disclaimer:  i don’t have a degree in psychology nor an expert in self-help.  these are just tips that, based on experience, can help one survive well, a heartbreak.  the past two years haven’t been really easy, but thank you to my awesome support group, i have somewhat picked up the broken pieces of my heart and started to live life again, one day at a time (how’s that for a really cheesy intro? 😛)

a heartbreak is a heartbreak.  and don’t mind those insensitive idiots who tell you to shut up when obviously, you can’t.  we’ll deal with them later.  fortunately, there’s life after a really bad heartbreak, no matter how painful it is.  yes, contrary to popular belief, the heart can take quite a beating, pun intended, and while it may not be perfectly whole again (in the same way that you don’t expect yourself to be the same person after that nightmare), still, the fact that it’ll be all right after all the palpitations, contractions and whatever ka-chorvahan it’s currently suffering from should assure you that ahem, life goes on.

so how does one move on from a heartbreak?  i honestly don’t know, but the stuff below helped me get through one of the the worst traumas someone who had loved with all her heart can ever experience.

  • talk it out.  that’s why i mentioned above not to mind any of those inconsiderate morons who tell you to stop talking about your heartache and just move on.  i found that discussing and okay, overanalyzing things, kinda ease the throbbing and makes you think less of non-ideal situations (like OD-ing on sleeping tablets. LOL).  do your monologue over and over again.  i’m sure friends wouldn’t mind.
  • be with friends.  and those who truly care for you will always be there.  friends provide the best comfort, and if you’re lucky to have those with amazing sense of humor, you can momentarily forget that asshole who cheated on you.  seriously, supportive family members and true friends are your best weapons against any of life’s challenges.
  • acknowledge the pain.  because that’s one of the best ways to slowly forget it.  never deny that you’re hurting.  ignoring a battered heart won’t do you any good.  anguish has a sneaky way of rearing its ugly head up if you don’t deal with it properly.  so feel the pain, go through the rollercoaster of emotions and gradually rise over them.
  • eat.  so you’ll have the energy to mourn and rant.
  • read, write, watch movies.  or basically do something or anything that could temporarily take your mind off your uhm, misery.  keeping busy during daytime means just having to struggle at night 😉 develop a new hobby, find new interesting things to do.  if you have a full-time job, do a tazmanian devil and work on that mountain of paper on your desk.
  • one day at a time.  no one gets over a heartbreak, or any other bad experience, overnight.  as others would say, it’s a process.  one step at a time, one day at a time.

these are the things i can think of for now.  if you’d like to share more, please feel free to leave a comment :)  i am sure anyone who’s going through a rough patch now would appreciate it.


  1. chewie says

    so been backtracking on your blog posts and i just stumbled upon this entry.

    for the benefit of your readers who don’t have a very good support group, I’d like to suggest a concoction of scotch, vodka, tequila, and four seasons juice. that will do the trick and numb out your nights.

    and yes, talk it out and accept that your hurting. as soon as you accept that you’ve been damaged, the sooner you get to heal up.

    lastly, don’t shut anyone out from your heart and don’t be afraid to love again. you never know the next person might be the one to fix up that broken heart.

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