Friday Favorites 2

hah!  guess who’s excited about posting another friday favorites post?  😉

this time, i’m gonna share one of my favorite bags (i have finally reached the point of my life when changing bags everyday has become too much of a chore :P) annnd my lovely…drum roll please… post-its!  yes, i’m only not a sucker for cute shoes and bags and clothes but also for notebooks, pens and post-its.

these super cute post-its are gifts from J.  i only use them during days when i need some cuteness overload (such as today, when hormones have turned me into this walking time bomb).  whenever i’d use these, people cannot help but comment on how pretty they are.  thanks again J! :)

now, on to my favorite bag as of the moment.  i got this as a gift (one which i purchased myself because the gift-giver was too lazy to get me something himself :P) and i love, love, love it.  it’s spacious enough (see picture above) to house all my daily essentials yet is not too bulky for me to lug around.  the strap is also long enough if i would want to wear it as a messenger bag.  the brown and yellow combination makes it fairly easy to mix and match it with either my office or pang-gala ensembles.

there you have it.  now, i shall be calling it a weekend in a few hours!  i wish you all a fun-filled and exciting weekend, however way you want to spend it 😉


  1. J says

    Hi Kaith! You’re welcome! :) I’m glad you liked these small lil things. hihi. Na-starring jud diri. lol! Take care always. :)

  2. says

    It’s been a while since I last visited your blog, and I think I have a lot of catching up to do :)

    I am also obssessed with sticky notes. We actually share the same design. For some reason, gumaganda ang penmanship ko kapag gamit ko sila. Parang mas masaya magsulat kapag may cute na sticky notes :)

    • Kaith says

      Oi, talaga? Yeah, ako din. Parang you have to make an effort to write well kasi nakakahiya naman sa ganda ng design. Hahaha.


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