Friday Favorites

happy fridaaaaaaay! =D

i have a teeny weeny case of colds, some upset stomach issues and an overall feeling of annoyance and exasperation with some people so i’m taking a breather to blog =P

i don’t want to bore you with random stories about how tiring the past weeks had been, or how i am looking forward to this weekend when i plan to watch movies (yes, movies) with raf and some friends, read and just bum around before i tackle the next work week head on, so instead, i’m sharing with you my three favorite products as of the moment.

revlon’s colorstay aqua mineral makeup, neutrogena’s fine fairness bb cream uv and MAC’s amplified creme in craving

nope, this is not a review.  i’ve been using the revlon powder for only two weeks, and i’ve only included the bb cream to my daily routine just this monday so the proper review would’ve to wait :)

i discovered this product through M who has been using this since last year.  i usually stay away from mineral makeup because they unleash my oilies but surprisingly, revlon’s colorstay aqua powder did not.  yeeba!  i was actually able to try it on my face several times (M was generous enough to let me) before i decided to buy one for myself.  i apply this after my moisturizer and concealer and i like how it makes my skin almost flawless (save for the really annoyingly huge pimples).

neutrogena’s fine fairness bb cream uv is actually my third bb cream.  i never got around to reviewing my first two products because i never went beyond the one-month mark.  bb creams and my face don’t just click very well.  however, when i saw this on neutrogena’s shelves last week, i can’t resist the urge to buy it.  neutrogena is one of my most, most favorite skincare brands and after turning a few shades darker courtesy of our sumilon trip, the promise of fine fairness while evening out my skin tone is just too hard to ignore.  LOL.  i use this after my moisturizer and under my revlon powder.  so far, both products work well together.  yeeba!

MAC craving is my first lipstick purchase for 2012, hurray! :) i first saw it on lauren when we had dinner during sinulog.  it was very flattering on her.  craving, according to the MAC website is a burst of plum and i agree.  it’s actually a combination of dark pink and plum on me and i absolutely love it.  it’s a shade that would look good on both fair, medium and dark skintones.  and it’s in amplified creme so it’s very moisturizing and creamy.

friday favorites actually kinda sounds nice, so now i’m toying with the idea of coming up with regular friday posts about random stuff, not necessarily beauty products, but anything that catches my fancy that i can categorize under “favorites.”  i don’t know.  if there’s a friday favorites post next friday, then that would mean that i’ve succumbed to the idea.  LOL.

hope you all have an awesome weekend!  :)


  1. says

    I love Craving! It’s one of my most-used lipsticks, the other being Plumful. They’re very similar to each other.

    Alas, Cosmo doesn’t work on me. Or at least it doesn’t have the MLBB look on me. I’m still on the prowl for the perfect nude lipstick.

    • Kaith says

      it’s so pretty no? i was gonna buy plumful late last year but i now forget why i did not. LOL. cosmo is love on me! you may want to check out chanel rouge mademoiselle. it’s lighter than cosmo and one of my MLBBs as well. good luck on your hunt! :)


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